Students, play to learn better

WHAT IS academ'quiz?

Teachers, create course content, follow your students and teach differently

Academ'Quiz  is a webapp allowing :

  • Students to acquire, revise and assimilate academic knowledge and stimulate their academic performance and motivation;

  • Teachers to create common course materials/resources for learning and assessing tools through a community of practices;

  • Institutions to offer a free access to produced project resources and outputs (course questions, guidelines, recommendations) through a beta and/or a licensed application versions to external users, individuals or institutions.


The functionalities of the Academ'Quiz also include students’ assessment indicators, their individual and group performance.

You can use Academ'Quiz on your computer or your smartphone. The webapp is supported by three free browsers: Safari, Firefox and Chrome.


With Academ'Quiz, you can play three kinds of quiz games to revise your courses: white solos, red solos and duels. While solos are games you are playing alone to improve your knowledge of the courses of your academic curriculum, duels are games you play with another student registered in your game session.

If solos and duels, played regularly, whenever you have some time, are a good way to improve your level of knowledge, Academ'Quiz is also conceived to allow students to create content in the game. It is thus a peer learning tool, and you can learn by creating new questions in your courses (that will be reviewed and validated by your teachers) or by playing with questions created by your peers.

Here is a short tutorial introducing the main functionalities of Academ'Quiz for students.

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Academ'Quiz was originally created to provide students with a simple, efficient, and enjoyable tool to revise their courses and – hopefully, pass their exams.

The initial observation leading to the project was simple. We all, as teachers, are saddened and often helpless in the face of dropout situations in higher education. Painful situations as much for the students as for their teachers, who experience them as professional and personal failures. Many factors explain these dropouts and the failure of some students to move on to the next academic level. And the lack of organization, motivation, and regularity in the revisions necessary to pass the exams is one of the most insignificant factors explaining these failures. Student and teacher support tools, allowing early identification of these dropout situations, are also often sorely lacking.

To address these issues, Academ’Quiz was designed by teachers for students and teachers.

Academ'Quiz was thus created to offer viable solutions to these difficulties encountered in higher education, but also in other levels of education.

Three modes of revision, with quizzes accompanied by pedagogical notices created by teachers, are available to students. Teachers, on the other hand, can monitor the day-to-day progress of their students enrolled in game sessions. A student can be enrolled in multiple game sessions simultaneously (for example, a game session from your modern languages ​​department, another from your law department, or a game session corresponding to your course over a semester, etc.). The organization of the game sessions is extremely flexible and can meet all the educational scenarios set up by the teachers.

In addition, Academ'Quiz has been set up in a collaborative spirit. For the moment, four universities use it in its Premium version during the E-REACKT project, but any institution can possibly, if it wishes, eventually use Academ'Quiz, create content and associate its students in game sessions. The Freemium version makes all created content available to any user, academic or not, free of charge.

Collaborative spirit also because the basic rule of this platform is that all course content created in Academ'Quiz is accessible to all other teachers on the platform. Your content is protected in the sense that your courses cannot be modified by other users; but you have access to the contents of all the other users, which you can import and modify in your courses. And other users can learn and be inspired from your content.

Collaborative also because it is possible to create common courses between several academic institutions – which allows teachers to discuss their teaching practices and to learn from each other.

Collaborative, finally, because students from several institutions can play together in the same game session, or even in mixed teams in a common session. Everything has been designed to promote exchange and sharing, to motivate the students, but also to regularly monitor the progress and degree of motivation of students in order to better support them in their study path.

Please feel free to consult the Community of Practice documents on our website to learn more about Academ'Quiz. Also feel free to interact with our community on the Forum if you have any questions or contact us if you would like to use Academ'Quiz in its Premium version.

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