Intellectual Outputs: The Project's deliverables

On this page, you will find all the deliverables of our Erasmus+ Project. Deliverables are categorized according to Intellectual Outputs that are different activities led by the partners during the project. Below, you will find documents and productions related to these IOs.

Intellectual Outputs 1and 2: Academ'Quiz

Academ'Quiz is a webapp that helps students to revise and learn better, and teachers to follow the results of their students. All information on Academ'Quiz, as well as the login page to Academ'Quiz can be found by following these links:

Academ'Quiz was developed in two versions:

  • a version for the Academic institutions: in the final report of the project (see section below), you'll find a section with trial login to test it.

  • a Freemium version, accessible to any person, by creating a free account via Facebook, Twitter or a personal email. This is a way to share what has been developed, as well as all the courses created during the roject, with anyone. Follow the links above to create a free account and play with Academ'Quiz and its content.

Intellectual Output 3: Business common core and specific Competences framework

During this activity, E-REACKT partners had to define a methodology to identify common courses in their academic programs. The aim was to define a list of courses that could be then developed as content for Academ'Quiz. The E-REACKT project is mainly aimed at Business School programs, but it was decided to develop not only technical courses (finance, accounting for instance), but also culture courses, as Erasmus is also a program dedicated to raise the awareness of our students towards other cultures in Europe. This activity thus led us to develop technical courses, but also language, culture or geography courses (see IO4 below).

This IO3 activity also led the partners to define a course classification for the courses in Academ'Quiz: the European Union nomenclature of academic disciplines was chosen.

For a complete report on IO3, see the PDF document in this section:

Intellectual Output 4: Course Content Production

As explained above, the E-REACKT activities were also centered around the production of courses, when the IO3 activities had been finished.

24 courses were produced and are accessible to anyone. Here are the files of the courses produced during the project:

Branding L1

Business Maths L2

Business Model Strategy Entrepreneurship

Corporate Finance L1

Cross Cultural Communication L1

Cross Cultural Communication L2

English Grammar & Vocabulary L2

English Theory L1

European Union L1

Financial Accounting L1 (1)

Financial Accounting L1 (2)

General English L1

General English L2

General Knowledge L1

International Marketing L2

Intro Macro Microeconomics L1

Macroeconomics L1

Management Accounting L1

Marketing L1 (1)

Marketing L1 (2)

Marketing Tourism Services L1/2

Maths of Financial Operations L1/2

Intellectual Output 5: Community of Practice

In order to help students and teachers to use Academ'Quiz, and to provide teachers with a plateform to share their questions and experiences, the IO5 was to create a Community of Practice hosting tutorials and a Forum for teachers and users.

Final Report E-REACKT

We also share our experience to other Erasmus+ project holders by publishing our final report, describing in detail each activity and our experience during these three years of intense teamwork: