E-REACKT 4th International Meeting: Bilbao Online!

During two days, 7-8 May 2020, the partners of the Erasmus+ Strategic partnership project, E-REACKT, joined in several online meetings to discuss the progress accomplished on the Intellectual Outputs of the project. Originally, this meeting had to be hosted by UPV in Bilbao, but, unfortunately, the COVID pandemic and travel restrictions in Europe, decided otherwise... However, this project aiming to develop an online tool to help student revise their courses, partners were undetered by this exeptional situation (and sometimes by weak Wifi connection!) and decided to carry on online.

During this meeting, the new functionalities of Academ'Quiz were tested by all the partners, in the front but also the back office. A plan was set up to coordinate new tests with students and teachers of each academic partner. Content production was also discussed and it was decided to produce a second round of courses. Workshops were also organized concerning the Community of Practice and the dissemination.


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