Break the study rhythm and space the learning cycle with Academ’Quiz

On the eve of the start of the school year, our students often make good resolutions: they will come to class regularly, play sports, sleep properly, and revise regularly without waiting for the week before the end of semester exams. So, they come to our classes all pumped up, motivated, and, for a few weeks, everyone gets organized to keep their good resolutions. But reality always seems to catch up with us. Quickly, the pace of revision slackens, we cram all night to pass an intermediate exam, stress rises, and we sleep worse. Attention wanes, the organization suffers, and so do the academic results. Even when a student is organized and manages to schedule an hour or two of intensive revision on a course, without unwanted external solicitation, the transition to the revision of another course is sometimes difficult, especially in the pre-exam period, when the level of stress can be high.

Using Academ'Quiz over a semester can help students organize their revisions more easily and with less pain.

On the one hand, few students, especially in the first cycles of study, manage to plan short revision periods to avoid saturation. Enrolling them in an Academ'Quiz game session allows them to revise in small doses, throughout the day, at "lost" times (while waiting for the bus, between two lessons, while having a coffee, etc.)

On the other hand, after his/her planned revision session, the student can do a white solo on the course he has just revised. This can reassure him/her about his/her level, put him/her in a situation to answer questions about what he/she has just learned, allow him/her to identify the chapters of the course on which he/she still has some difficulties. Also, if he/she embarks on a red solo or a duel, he/she may be asked questions about his/her other courses, thus facilitating the transition to revising another subject.

Finally, during their review cycles, students tend to compartmentalize their courses: "I'll start by reviewing marketing and when I'm done, I'll move on to finance ...". This planning, in itself, is reassuring, provides a framework, but it is also stressful if the student is falling behind or is feeling overwhelmed by the number of other courses to review. If he/she introduces a few games into Academ'Quiz in his schedule, he/she will still have the impression that he/she is still starting to revise, without pressure, the other courses. And maybe he/she can manage his/her stress better.

Scheduling a game session at the start of the semester can also help students get organized: start with a few games, review only the chapters in which they detect weaknesses, then intensify their revisions, with or without Academ'Quiz, at the end of the semester before the exams. Students, especially the more academic ones, find it difficult to take breaks during their weeks of intense revision. Offering them a tool allowing them to work without being aware of it, or to revise in another way, to break the rhythm of revisions without leaving it, to space it, can help reassure them and avoid a burnout at the end of the semester.


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